News Stones Live Poker Games Suspended Pending Investigation

Stones Live Poker Games Suspended Pending Investigation


The Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento, California, USA, has announced the halting of its live streaming of poker games. This will be the case until an investigation into poker player Mike Postle is concluded. 

The move came after another player and commentator Veronica Brill raised questions over the success Postle has been having. The games have been shown on ‘Stones Live’ which is streamed on Twitch. 

At present Brill doesn’t have any specific accusation on what Brill may or may not be doing. In fact, she’s not even sure that the successful player is cheating. Her view is though that the results he’s been having are just too good. 

Other players have also now come forward and said that there could be something going on. Their view is that Postle has just been doing too well for too long a period. It’s claimed that there have been situations where he has made a fold or call that did well for him but just didn’t seem “right.” 

Postle has gone onto Twitter and a poker podcast to deny any wrongdoing. Speaking on ‘The Mouthpiece with Mike Matusow,” he said; “it is absolutely impossible for me to be doing what they’re claiming. It is 1000% impossible.” Postle has been playing poker for 16 years and has enjoyed a great deal of success without previous criticism. 

Poker commentator Joey Ingram estimates that Postle has accumulated winnings of $250,000 in more than 250 hours of competition.  In reply, Postle denies he’s won so much and believes it’s not even half that amount.  

Poker pro Matt Berkey added that the win rate Postle has achieved is ten times what the best players in the world could anticipate winning from those games. He believes that regular plays have been made that no other professional poker player would consider making but turned out to be winning ones. Berkey’s view is that his method of play suggests that “he had perfect information.” 

An independent investigator has now been called in by Stones Gambling Hall. They have also stopped using RFID playing cards that have chips allowing viewers to see the cards. Many poker pros believe they could be the answer to what has been happening. The actual games streamed are on a 30-minute delay. 

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