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Sporting Group Add Data Intelligence


US data operator Sumo Logic is set to become the new supplier of intelligence for betting data concern Sporting Group.

The deal will mean that Sporting will integrate the concept of continuous intelligence into its applications for the first time. Sporting Group are hoping that they will be able to use the intelligence to spot potential issues affecting their customer experience. 

The Group, which arose from the spread betting firm Sporting Index, provides trading, odds-setting and liability management services to betting operators.

Speaking about the deal, the Vice President of Technical Services at Sumo, Mark Pidgeon, said that Sumo’s business model helped companies reduce costs and focus on essentials:

“Sumo Logic helps companies adopt a smarter economic model for services, so they can concentrate on their customers and their applications rather than their budgets for IT being able to cope.”

The Chief Technology Officer for Sporting Group, Peter Wallis said that at certain times of the year, such as a Saturday afternoon during the UK football season, there is a huge flow of data, and a vast number of markets to price up, as events happen on the pitch. He said that the challenge for betting odds providers was to ensure that this demand didn’t affect the service they are able to offer to their clients, and that Sumo Logic provided the answer to this problem.  As a result of the collaboration with Sumo, Wallis said that Sporting could handle over a billion messages a day at peak times.

Sumo Logic was set up in 2010 by data industry experts. It offers a cloud-based service that analyses large volumes of data. The firm has won a number of awards and earlier this year announced a $110 million investment, as well as revealing that its valuation was over the $1 billion mark.


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