News Industry Tax Changes in France

Industry Tax Changes in France


Betting operators in the French market will have to adjust to a new tax regime following the passing of a new legal framework by French politicians.

The French Senate has agreed a budget for 2020, which includes a change to the way that gambling tax is calculated. Previously this has been calculated using an operator’s turnover. But under the amendments, the tax charge will be decided based on gross gaming revenue (GGR).

The bill, having cleared the Senate, will go the country’s National Assembly, who will have to ratify all of the proposed amendments before they will officially be law.

The change in tax model is likely to mean a significant adjustment for operators. For horse race betting, the tax rate will be 19.9% of GGR, while sports betting firms will pay 33.8% and those who provide online poker services will have to pay 36.7%. And the basis on which payments for social security are calculated will also change. Horse racing betting companies will be levied at 6.85 of GGR while sports betting firms will have to pay a charge of 10.7%.

Tax Burden

According to a statement from the Senate, the changes would ensure that the tax bill each year would be able to adjust to the rising and falling of punters’ success. Under the previous model, the Senate said that firms were essentially taxed on amounts of money that they didn’t receive. They also noted that the country’s online betting regulator ARJEL had criticised the previous tax model as too much of a burden on the country’s online betting industry.

In addition, the senate set a cap to the tax placed on poker hands, at €1, which they said would be necessary to ensure the continuing viability of online poker betting.

According to the Senate, the new laws will generate €586 million through taxes on sports betting, along with €420 million from the horse race betting sector and another €66 million from online poker.


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