News EGBA Publish European Gambling Code of Conduct

EGBA Publish European Gambling Code of Conduct


The European Betting & Gaming Association (EBGA) has released a code of conduct for gambling that it hopes will apply across all European jurisdictions.

Called the ‘Code of Conduct on Responsible Advertising for Online Gambling’, the rules are set to apply to all EU and EEA countries, as well as the UK. The Code focuses on protecting minors, while ensuring compliance with each nation’s regulations on advertisements.

The code covers a variety of issues. It lays down rules on content, specifically on what gambling advertisements should and should not include. It outlaws the display of gambling advertising during television broadcasts aimed at children, and requires the use of age screening tools to ensure that minors are protected from gambling content on social media.

The rules also call for more restrictions on sponsorship. The Code states that gambling companies should not sponsor activities that appeal predominantly to an underage audience.

According to EGBA, their pan-European code is set to be formally presented on 19th May, through a webinar. It will be overseen by an independent third party, and another independent organisation will conduct analysis of the impact in each nation, the results of which will appear on the EBGA website.

In a press release, the EBGA said that they wanted to set new standards for gambling advertising that would apply long term. Speaking about the new code, Secretary General Maarten Haaijer said that they were pleased to be presenting a new standard on responsible gambling:

“Advertising is essential to inform the consumer of the websites which are regulated and steer them away from rogue black-market websites. But advertising should be responsible and protect consumers, particularly minors.”

Gambling companies, media companies and others across the European region will be able to sign up to the rules in the new code of conduct, which the EGBA say they hope will build on some of the short term recommendations they have introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.


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