News ECA Point to Campaign Positives

ECA Point to Campaign Positives


The European Casino Association (ECA) has claimed that its recent communication campaign, the first of its kind, had produced a positive result.

Back in May this year, the ECA launched their “Did You Know?” communications push. The campaign had the aim of addressing important issues in the casino and gambling industry, as well as putting forward a more positive image for the sector.

Throughout the last few months, the Association has been attempting to boost awareness through social media avenues, pushing what they describe as the positives of the gambling industry, in the hope of promoting a more favourable view among stakeholders and the general public.

The campaign itself was based around a number of important central messages, along with myth-busting factsheets. It aimed to fulfil a number of functions at the same time, including dispelling false ideas about the casino industry, confronting compliance and money laundering issues and promoting the economic contribution that the gambling industry makes to society.

Tackling Illegal Gambling

Among the details publicised by the campaign are the facts that ECA casino operators employ nearly 340,000 people across Europe and contribute over €3.2 billion in revenue each year. They also point out that ECA members spend more than €200 million every year in their efforts to ensure that their operations are fully compliant with regulations.

According to the ECA, the ethos behind the campaign was to show how the sector was committed to tackling illegal gambling, and to making a positive contribution to the areas in which they operate. Speaking about the campaign, the ECA Chairman, Per Jaldung, said that it was important to dispel misconceptions about the sector and to boost transparency:

“Furthermore, with the global growth of gambling, it is fundamental to distinguish the licensed and legitimate industry from the illegal and grey one. We are proud of this initiative and look forward to more to come.”


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